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lender's Do's And Dont's

  • As a listed lender of ATL, you need to transfer loan amount against loan enquiry mapped to you (automatically) within 15 minutes / SLA (refer FAQ’S) to resp. borrower bank account via your bank account and share transfer success screen shot (to be attached in your ATL dashboard) against resp. loan enquiry.
  • Under no circumstances, would AnyTimeLoan.in (ATL) share borrower personal details with you.
  • You are advised to lend only from your savings and not by availing loan from anyone / anywhere.
  • You always need to maintain balance of amount as committed for lending in your designated bank account, for smoother and efficient performance of your savings.
  • Never transfer any amount to AnyTimeLoan.in (ATL) account or any other account of its representatives, as we don’t / never entertain it.
  • You need to transfer loan amount to mapped / assigned borrower bank account online via online transfer and not by cash deposit, in any case.
  • If loan amount is transferred to mapped borrower, after expiry of SLA, you would be solely responsible for the recovery of said amount. ATL would do its best (subject to technical limitations, if any) to send you notification on your mobile about Loss Opportunity (Post expiry of SLA time limit) and are advised not to initiate transaction after same.
  • As responsible citizens & organization of this great country, ATL has initiated a CSR activity, called AnyTimeSmile (ATS); wherein each loan enquiry that’s fulfilled by you & resp. borrower acceptance to contribute to ATS, would allow (unconditionally) ATL to deduct a small amount from your returns (refer FAQ for details) and contribute towards this CSR pool.
  • If there is any change in your Registered Mobile Number (RMN) / Email ID / smart phone; please write back to ccare@AnyTimeLoan.in immediately with new details.
  • Do not allow anyone else to use AnyTimeLoan.in (ATL) mobile APP on your smart phone, as that would get your account blocked.
  • By applying to ATL, you agree that our team / representatives can contact YOU and seek / validate details shared by you, ETC and also agree to receive communication via SMS, telephone call & / Email.
  • At no given time, you would use any unsolicited / third party bank account (that’s not your account and also not registered with ATL) to fulfill any loan enquiry at ATL.
  • You are requested to opt for a lending options (Participatory / Non Participatory) that best suits your goals / risk appetite.
  • Past Performance of returns via lending is not any guarantee of future.
  • AnyTimeLoan.in (ATL) reserves right to block your account, if any unscrupulous / anti national / anti social / unlawful activities are found in your transactions / account, without any notice.
  • Please do not share your account credentials with anyone and if done, same shall be at your sole risk & responsibility.
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