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Borrowers's Do's And Dont's

  • As AnyTimeLoan.in (ATL) lends unsecured loan (s) through its affiliate partners without seeking any collaterals / guarantor / physical documents (unless case demands); please ensure that you provide accurate and update information while filling the ONE TIME membership application form online. Its better to disclose your Problems, as we are here to support and any wrong (intentional / unintentional) information shared, would only get your application / account rejected / blocked.
  • If your membership at AnyTimeLoan.in (ATL) is approved, LIFETIME you can avail instant loan at just one click without any further documents / application / collateral / guarantor (Unless there is any change in material facts). However, Loans are at Sole discretion of AnyTimeLoan.in (ATL) & its affiliate lenders.
  • As an approved & privileged member of ATL; it’s your utmost responsibility to update AnyTimeLoan.in (ATL) any change in your personal, financial or business details. Failing to do so, would get your account / membership permanently disabled / blocked.
  • Every 6 months (post membership approval); you need to update your personal, financial & business details; and share supporting documents (as may be requested) if there is any change / no change in your details.
  • .Every 6 months of membership approval at ATL, based on your track record and business growth; you MIGHT be entitled for increase / decrease in credit / loan limit, as well as reduction in interest rates, at sole discretion of ATL.
  • We strongly recommend our BORROWERS to do more cashless transactions (payment of salaries, payment to vendors, expenses, etc); as same would help you in long term financially and also help you to get your credit limit increase at ATL.
  • We strongly recommend our approved members, to use loan availed from AnyTimeLoan.in (ATL) for STATED needs only and follow basic hygiene principle of creating savings and not liabilities.
  • As responsible citizens & organization of this great country, ATL has initiated a CSR activity, called AnyTimeSmile (ATS); wherein each loan enquiry that’s fulfilled by you and resp. borrower acceptance to contribute to ATS, would allow (unconditionally) ATL to deduct a small amount from your returns (refer FAQ for details) and contribute towards this CSR pool.
  • On due date of your loan, you need to ensure you maintain sufficient balance and transfer 100% of due amount (Exact due amount) via online transfer (IMPS / NEFT) to AnyTimeLoan.in (ATL) designated bank account before 2 pm (IST) and share transfer success screen shot at pay@anytimeloan.in. Please note that failing to receive credit of due amount in our bank account on due date before closing of banking hours (Weekdays 6:30 pm and Saturdays 2 pm); would get your account into DEFAULTERS list and would attract relevant penal and other charges (as applicable).
  • If there is any change in your Registered Mobile Number (RMN) / Email ID / smart phone; please write back to ccare@AnyTimeLoan.in immediately with new details.
  • Do not allow anyone else to use AnyTimeLoan.in (ATL) mobile APP on your smart phone, as that would get your account blocked.
  • If your membership request is rejected; please approach us back only after min. 60 days and do not try to use others details to re-apply as that would get you permanently black listed.
  • By applying to ATL, you agree that our team / representatives can contact your near and dears and seek / validate details shared by you, ETC and also agree to receive communication via SMS, telephone call & / Email.
  • Pre-payment / foreclosure of loan can be done any time before 12 noon (ON ALL BANK WORKING DAYS) from member account and you should transfer revised due amount immediately to AnyTimeLoan.in (ATL)bank account. There are no pre-payment / foreclosure charges / penalties.
  • Extension of Loan tenure is available 72 hrs before resp. loan due date and same is subject to approval by AnyTimeLoan.in (ATL) and not a default feature. Maximum, one can avail 2 extensions (each of max. 30 days) for one loan cycle and your last due amount (before placing extension request) would be the Loan Principal (post extension approval) against new loan account number assigned and your credit limit would go down by that much amount.
  • Repayment of due amount shall only be accepted if same is done as an online transfer from borrowers registered bank account at ATL. Any cash deposit of due amount, would attract cash handling charges (please refer FAQ’S).
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