Responsible. Passionate. Out of box.

We believe in one common thing that brings all of us every day back with the same enthusiasm & energy at work which is: A smile on our customers face.

Our team is a mix of veterans & path-breakers from financial services, technology, management, and customer service, who have set themselves on a course to bring financial independence to the world’s largest democracy. A digital platform that allows Indians to easily obtain instant loans from each other, without any intermediaries, in a transparent and seamless ecosystem, regardless of their caste, religion, gender, language, qualifications, or financial status.

ATL is India’s leading only on-demand, NBFC Peer-to-Peer lending platform that is on a mission to enable every Indian to Make & Take money, on the go!

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Ensure no eligible borrower is turned down, when he/she needs us and every investor creates wealth at ATL.


Not just be No.1; but to be the BEST amongst, the Rest.


Respect before you Expect. Integrity. Customer First. Continuous Innovation. Transparency. Speed

Why Bank On Us

#Proven blend of Science, Machine learning, Art, Robotics & Technology

  • Safety

    Diversified Portfolio & you earn before we earn
  • High Returns

    ROI up to 40% pa
  • Credible & Eligible

    Pre screened borrowers
  • Instant Loan

  • High Liquidity

    Income Bhi. Wealth Bhi!
  • 100% digital

    Transparent, Flexible, Full control & Convenient
  • 100% Unsecure

    No collaterals / Guarantor / Bureau score
  • 100% Reliable

    No registration fee

Our Investors

Our belief got reinforced

They saw what others are yet to discover. Eminent, global leaders with diversified leadership experience in creating global organisations of highest standards have come together to nurture our dream into reality.

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Team Members

#Our Ambassadors at your service, always


K.K. Jain

Co-Founder & CEO

Its one life. Make it FELT & not just, LEFT


Manager - Collections

Violent Killer of ATL Collections

Siddhant Tiwari

Associate - Collections

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication!

Shashidhar Rao

AVP Technology

Competent Multiprocessor


Data Scientist

“Intuitive” - Fearless but neutral


Software Developer

I will make it work because i believe it.


UX & UI Developer

Do not seek praise. Seek criticism.

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