Earn regular monthly returns, create wealth to align with your financial goals and also sustain lifestyle, growth with Kuber.Club on your side (#IncomeBhi, WealthBhi).


  • Earn returns upto 14% pa with RBI regulated NBFC P2P
  • Invest in multiple, highly curated borrowers with exposure upto Rs.540/- & create a diversified portfolio
  • Lumpsum investment with as min. as Rs.10000/- or SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) that starts with as low as Rs.100/- a day
  • Withdraw idle funds anytime
  • Track, Manage & Invest on the go with access to Digital Escrow Passbook
  • Create multiple folios that align with your financial goals (Time horizon, Fixed regular returns or wealth creation)
  • Protect downside with unique K Coins* (Cashback upto loss, if any) & redeem with participating brands (Travel, Entertainment, Fashion, Essentials, Luxury, etc.,)
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