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Enjoy Loan. Not a Liability! As every need / dream is unique; so should be your loan. In short, your loan should be so flexible that it gives you freedom to withdraw money anytime for as small as Rs.1000/-, for as min. as 1 day (loan tenure), costs you for what you have consumed and without any strings / conditions.

Avail on-demand P2P unsecured loans (Personal needs, Education needs, Business needs, etc) that are designed to suit every Indian and can avail instant loan 24x7, incentivise you for every foreclosure / pre-payment, respects your privacy, etc. A trusted partner that stands with you, when you need it; the most!

So, next time when you have money draw down from your ATM and if you don’t have; just click ATL TM.

Personal loans

  • ( As personalized as you )
  • Instant loan, 24/7
  • Interest as low as 0.05% per day
  • *No prepayment / foreclosure penalty
  • Loan as quick as 1 minute

Education loans

  • ( Padhnein ki Azaadi. Badhnein ki Guarantee! TM )
  • Instant Education Loans (KG to +2)
  • Interest as low as 0.05% per day
  • No Collateral / Guarantor required
  • No hidden terms / charges

Business loans

  • ( Keep Growing )
  • Unsecured Business loan 1 click
  • Interest as low as 0.05% per day
  • No hidden terms / charges
  • Flexible repayment options

Career Edvancement Loans

  • ( Advance in your life )
  • Loan for Working Professional to up-skill oneself
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Interest as low as 0.05% per day
  • 100% unsecured loan

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How to get instant Loan

#One Time Membership. Lifetime no Hardships! TM


Apply online – No joining Fee

Register digitally (online) – share info about yourself, what you do, etc – Need it.

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Upload without any load

Upload genuine & clear docs (pdf) – KYC, Bank statement, etc

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Honesty pays dividends - We respect your status & your privacy

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Relax & carry your work – LOBOT TM will quickly turn around & get you instant loan credited to your designated bank account via our investors / lenders–
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On time. Anytime

On time. Any time – repay your loan on time & keep drawing money anytime (24x7) - just one click

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One time membership. Lifetime no hardships! TM

No more application for loan anytime for your lifetime. Just one click, draw down your loan, anytime from anywhere.

How Peer-To-Peer Lending Can Help You?

A peer to peer (P2P) lending platform connects loan seeking individuals with Investors (lenders) willing to multiply their surplus wealth. Traditionally P2P lending has been a discovery or match making process wherein Investors & borrowers register on a platform by paying signup fees (Upfront) and thereon each party is left to discover Whom to lend, how much to lend and at what rate to lend and the sole purpose of creating wealth (Investor) and getting a loan (borrower) gets diluted; as few make / get money, while many discover disappointment; just like equity markets. (ATL)TM are pioneers & market leaders in rendering Instant, on-demand (24x7), P2P loans across India in a 100% digital ecosystem, wherein neither investor nor borrower is required to pay any signup fees nor ATL makes any revenue unless our eligible borrower gets instant, on-demand loan and further successfully repays loan back to respective investor or lender (You earn. Before, we earn). We call it; Responsible Lending Or Lending Mutual Fund (You Smile. Only then we cross Mile). Further, ATL uses its proprietary & proven algorithms to ensure only credible and legitimate borrowers are assigned to our elite investors who in turn need to just accept / decline assigned loan enquiry (no more bidding, as it's not kidding to create wealth). ATL has been trusted by people across the economic strata when it comes to just not managing their hard earned money but also to create sustainable wealth bhi and regular Income bhi!

MONEY is never discovered. Its CREATED!


Its good to ask questions (ATL) is India's No.1 Peer to Peer market place for people seeking / looking for instant, unsecured, 24x7 loans in India by connecting eligible borrowers with ATL lending partners (Individuals / Banks / FI’s). ATL is also India's First P2P platform that has banks as its lending partners, thereby offering convenience, speed and yet cost effective services to millions of Indians in a 100% digital environment.

ATL is India's leading peer to peer lending platform from the house of Luharia Technologies Private Limited.

ATL uses its own proprietary algorithm basis applicant digital footprints (Social, Financial, Psychometric, etc) to evaluate applicant’s holistic / 360 degrees fitment (internal criteria) and is powered by Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning tools. ATL uses Science and Art, backed with its Robot, called LOBOT; that evaluates online application in a 100% paperless, contact less, real time environment; thereby extending instant loan outcome without any physical documents, collateral or guarantor.

* Loans Sole Discretion of & Subject to no change in material fact.

At, you need to just complete our ONE TIME membership application (Online), upload /share requested document, information, etc . Once your membership is approved (instantly) & credit limit is assigned to you; you can avail INSTANT loan 24x7 without any further documents / collateral / Guarantor (Unless any change in material fact) for LIFETIME just 1 click & loan gets disbursed as quick as 1 minute to your designated bank account. understands the nuances & challenges of today’s uncertain life challenges and therefore had developed its own proprietary algorithm; to assess once credit worthiness.

It pays huge dividends to be a member of ATL. Once you are an approved member of; you can avail instant loan / credit (subject to available credit limit) any time, 24x7 from your desk / mobile on the GO… Your Smart Phone is now a ATL (AnyTimeLending) gadget for you. Paisa hain toh ATM. Warna, ATL ™! ., uses Robotics (LOBOT) that uses MachineLearning, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Science and Data Science to evaluate borrowers digital behaviour (Financial, Non Financial, etc) in a real time, paper less and contact less environment and assigns eligible borrower enquiries with ATL registered lenders (Individuals / Institutions) who in turn fulfil the loan enquiries, as quick as 1 minute via bank to bank transfer. Follow these simple steps and experience the magic:

  • Register at (ATL) mobile app via your preferred social media.
  • Complete ONE TIME registration process (simple 5 steps) & upload basic documents (PAN card, Address proof, Proof of Occupation & Bank statement). Your information will only be used internally. We love privacy as much as you do.
  • Submit & enjoy, as our LOBOT™ does the magic for you & conveys outcome, instantly. Accept the decision & check your bank for loan amount that gets credited as quick as 1 minute; we call it, ONE TIME MEMBERSHIP, LIFE TIME NO HARDSHIPS™ .
  • Now, avail Lifetime instant, 24x7 loan on the go from your phone that’s smarter now and remember to repay on / before loan repayment date to keep enjoying this exclusive facility anytime, from anywhere at just 1 click.

If you are ready with your genuine documents (soft copies) & willing to share accurate / correct information; ATL is committed to get you a loan as quick as 1 minute, from anywhere & at anytime.

SALARIED: PAN Card, Present address proof, Last 3 months pay slips, Last 6 months bank statement and proof of occupation.

SELF EMPLOYED: PAN Card, Present address proof, Last 12 months bank statement, business address proof and proof of business.

  • 100% unsecured loans for your personal needs, for your child education or for your business needs.
  • 100% transparent, no pre-payment charges and no hidden terms.
  • 100% online, 24x7 and instant loan for personal or child education or business needs.
  • ROI as low as 0.05% per day, loan as small as INR 1000/- and tenure as small as 1 day.
  • A instant loan that gets you a smile and also to someone who needs it; the most via ATS (AnyTimeSmile) - Responsible Lending.
  • ONE TIME MEMBERSHIP,LIFE TIME NO HARDSHIPS!™ - One simple, online application. Gets you 24x7 access to peace of mind from that financial crisis.
  • Scientific and Proven algorithm backed with Risk Pool – Sustainable growth for that sustainable wealth, that you look to create.
  • Our thousands of borrowers know more reasons – why ATL, when it comes to instant need.

Its simple. Apply online, get approval instantly & loan is in your bank account (100% digital); as quick as 1 minute (if approved).

We at understands and respect your valuable time and believes that; MONEY is worth its value, only if same is available, when its needed; the MOST. And hence we have developed this unique system (LOBOT) wherein user needs to submit his / her application only once and once our system approves your membership, you can avail loan (as per the limit) any time, from anywhere at just 1 click without any documents / collateral security / guarantor and same shall be disbursed as quick as 1 minute - ONE TIME MEMBERSHIP, LIFETIME NO HARDSHIPS™!

ATL being a digital lending platform, accepts / encourages its customers to repay their loans via their registered bank account net banking (IMPS / NEFT / UPI) to any of below referred bank accounts maintained by ATL. Please note that any cash / cheque / any other modes of payment would attract penal charges (Rs. 250/- towards cash deposit for Personal / K 12 loan and Rs.1000/- towards cash deposit for MSME loans)

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd
Branch: Kotak Mahindra Bank
Plot No.31, Rohini Enclave
Opp. To Cyber Tower, Hyderabad, 500033
Telangana, India.


A/C Type: Current A/C

A/C Number: 9512571329

IFSC: KKBK0000561

HDFC Bank Ltd
Branch: HDFC Bank Ltd
Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Telangana, India.


A/C Type: Current A/C

A/C Number: 50200020965565

IFSC: HDFC0000968

Its an auto process and our LOBOT would notify you as per below events. Good habits, get Rewarded at ATL;

Silver: min. 12 months and no default + min. 2 loans should be successfully closed and if you default on any loan the cycle would restart from that date again.

Gold: min. 12 months as GOLD member + min. 2 loans should be successfully closed and if you default on any loan your membership gets degraded to silver again.

Platinum: Once your GOLD membership is successful as above, you are now a PLATINUM customer of ATL and can enjoy max. benefits for lifetime subject to you successfully closing min. 2 loans in a year and if you default on any loan your membership gets degraded to GOLD again.

Product Membership Type Loan Tenure ROI (%) Processing Fee Extension Fee Remarks Min. Loan Max. Loan Penal Charges on default (INR) Default Interest (%) CD Charges ATS (Optional) Repayment Options
Personal Loan Silver 1-6 days 0.07% / day (up to 25.55% APR) Rs.750/- or 1.5% of loan amount (whichever is higher) Rs.1000/- or 2% of last outstanding (whichever is higher) Extension is subject to approval and borrower needs to pay a min. amount equals Processing Fee & Interest Rs.1000/- Rs.50,000/- Rs.500/- per day 0.15 per day Rs.250/- Rs.10/- Bullet Repayment
    7-14 days 0.1% / day (up to 36.5% APR)                    
    15-30 days 0.15% / day (up to 54.75% APR)                    
  Gold 1-6 days 0.05% / day (up to 18.25% APR) Rs.750/- or 1.5% of loan amount (whichever is higher) Rs.1000/- or 2% of last outstanding (whichever is higher) Extension is subject to approval and borrower needs to pay a min. amount equals Processing Fee & Interest Rs.1000/- Rs.70,000/- Rs.500/- per day 0.15 per day Rs.250/- Rs.10/- Bullet Repayment
    7-14 days 0.07% / day (up to 25.55% APR)                    
    15-30 days 0.1% / day (up to 36.5% APR)                    
  Platinum 1-6 days 0.05% / day (up to 18.25% APR) Rs.750/- or 1.5% of loan amount (whichever is higher) Rs.1000/- or 2% of last outstanding (whichever is higher) Extension is subject to approval and borrower needs to pay a min. amount equals Processing Fee & Interest Rs.1000/- Rs.1,00,000/- Rs.500/- per day 0.15 per day Rs.250/- Rs.10/- Bullet Repayment
    7-14 days 0.07% / day (up to 25.55% APR)                    
    15-30 days 0.1% / day (up to 36.5% APR)                    
K-12 Education Loan     3% / per month (up to 36% APR) Rs.3000/- or 1.5% of loan amount (whichever is higher) NA NA Rs. 1000/- Rs. 5,00,000/- Rs. 500/- per day 0.15 per day Rs.250/- Rs.10/- 2 EMI's
MSME Loans     3% / per month (36% APR) Rs.3000/- or 2% of Loan amount (whichever is higher) Rs.3500/- or 2% of last outstanding (whichever is higher) - Applicable only for bullet repayment option Extension is subject to approval and borrower needs to pay a min. amount equals Processing Fee & Interest Rs. 1000/- Rs. 10,00,000/- Rs. 500/- per day 0.15 per day Rs. 1000/- Rs. 100/- Bullet & EMI's

   Note: All Charges Are Inclusive GST.

Loan Amount is the amount that our esteemend customer places request for and Disbursed Amount is loan amount less processing fee. Disbursed Amount is the amount that is transferred to borrower designated bank account and interest is levied on Loan Amount requested.

Yes, you can. However, for any loan, maximum one can extend / roll over twice and same is subject to paying a minimum amount that equals a extension / roll over processing fee plus accrued interest. Each extension / roll over can be for 1 day to max. 30 days only.

Extension / Roll over processing fee is the charge levied when user opts for extending his / her loan tenure. Please refer charges details in FAQ section for more details.

Yes, you can pre-pay / foreclose your live / running loan account on any bank working day before 12 noon and there are no prepayment / foreclosure charges for Personal / Education loans at ATL. Good habits get rewarded at ATL and hence you save on interest when you prepay / foreclose your loan.

However, min. of 2% of outstanding principal amount is added as penal charges for MSME loans towards pre-payment / foreclosure charges.

Yes. You have hit bulls eye. If you have a good financial track record / bureau score and also meet ATL eligibility criteria; you can expect loan from our partner banks / FI's at lower ROI. Please check our charges section in FAQ's for more details on same.

As a responsible and legal entity, we are required & committed to update such details with Credit Bureaus.

ATL seeks your Aadhaar number with your consent in the event wherein you have opted for eNACH services and same is requested by NPCI for activating your mandate. Nowhere your Aadhaar number and its related information is stored or saved in our environment.

Credit assessment of a borrower is done to understand the risk of default. For this purpose, financial, social and personal background check is undertaken basis certain documents submitted by Borrowers, such as income and bank statements.

Various factors considered by our fully-automated credit evaluation mechanism are:

Stability: Stability is understood basis the nature of borrower’s residence i.e. rented/self-owned, length of stay at the same address, length of employment in the same organization etc.

Ability: Ability is evaluated by studying the borrower’s income & expenditure behavior. For example, a healthy percentage of income saved reflects better ability of borrower to repay his/her financial liabilities.

Intention: Intention is understood by analyzing the past repayment behavior of the borrower towards his financial liabilities. Delayed repayments in past financial transactions reduce the chances of loan approval.

Banking Habit: A bank statement helps to judge banking habits of a borrower. Several parameters like average monthly balance, cheque bounce and unaccounted transactions, if any, are taken into consideration for assessment of a borrower’s credit worth.

Verification at different levels: Other than telephonic verification to get first-hand information from the borrowers, near-dear (case to case basis etc..) to verify details shared by the applicant. All documents submitted by the borrower are also verified for forgery using state-of-the-art technology.

ATL Rule engine, an in-house proprietary algorithm, assigns different weightages to all the above factors to compute a score that helps determine the interest rate, loan tenure and amount at which the Borrower’s loan request can be listed on the platform to secure funding from the lenders.